Mr.Meeting Between Bracket

In order to connivence someone that he is cool and modern mr.meeting between brackets tries great effort by claiming the meeting word to his dictionary. Specially that so many people used the word meeting towards him and he thought how cool that is. Little he knew mr.mbb that his creativity rock-bottomed. Why can’t he use the word “engaged”? Or “committed” or “hooked”??
Mr. Mbb will always be busy spending his precious hours and moments convincing everyone he is busy!

Mrs.Taper in Town

Mrs.Taper was dying to come and live in the kind and beautiful country(u.a.e). As soon as her feet stepped and her passport has been stamped at the arrivals. her mind started running at full speed on deciding what places to visit so that she can finally claim the honor!
Mrs. Taper idea is to visit every place at no cost!why should she car i mean to say care?
This should make it clear that mrs.taper is physically fit. However there are other symptoms 
Leading to the conclusion that curing her is possible but would involve a cultural sensitivities awareness


Mr.Myth is real person who used to travel on from one country to another. One time mr.Myth stopped at the oasis to look for water as he was very thirsty. He could not but look for help. And the one who he asked from was an angry witch who said to him because of your question I shall turn you into a lady!!! So Miss Myth continued her journey after relinquish and arrived to find a groom who married her and she conceived her baby. After a year Miss Myth (now Mrs.) went back the same route and unfortunately met the angry witch who once saw her turned her back into its manhood!! Scraping for his life Mr.Myth travelled to his final destination and found a pride. He got married and it was meant to be for another child!! Mr.Myth (or Mrs.if you like) is the first real person to have to children one when he was a women and one when he is a man.


A small conversation A: i only believe in what i see. 
B: mmm...don’t you believe that your father fucked a least once?
A: yes you’re very right

Cesar and the last priest.

Cesar asked Saeda the priest the following: Cesar: What is the best knowledge?
Saeda the priest: knowing self. Cesar: and the best brain?
StP: Not to exceed your knowledge C: civility?
StP: Face-protection. The great C: what’s chivalry?
StP: maintaining a promise And the best money? Finally asked Cesar
StP: Spent righteously

Mr.Fart the family man

Mr.Fart is am very respectful family man who lives in a very loving palace. Mr.Fart is very protective about his family and vowed to defend them against all evil.. His weapon would be the Forgiveness Weapon..every time some outsider attempted to mean harm then mr. Fart would cause some havoc by passing one fart ( with sound and everything) the number of outsiders increased so the number of farts increased..matters started to annoy the family and one day they all gathered and respectfully asked for farts to stop. " you need to find a nicer weapon!! With less collateral!!!" The family begged.

Mar iam

Once in a lifetime there was a little tiny baby named “minimum!”
This tiny girl had 2 strong brotherly princess and a father who is a super king.
One day one person thought “just thought “ that he might harm minimum, this creature suddenly disappeared from the cosmos.
He 👻 like a 👻 booooooooo